Geo-Information Engineering
Faculty of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Israel Institute of Technology

PostDoctoral & Visiting Scientists

  • 2013-2015 Dr. Elena Roitberg, Tel-Aviv University (With Prof. Yehuda Agnon)
  • 2012-2013 Prof. Anatoly Gitelson, University of Nebraska. Lincoln, USA
  • 2012-2013 Mr. Jisung Chang, Hongik University, Seol, Korea
  • 2008-2009 Dr. Thomas Jarmer, Free University of Berlin (Now at Osnabruck University, Inst. Of GeoInformatics & Remote Sensing)
  • 1999-2007 Dr. Efim Kelman, Senior Research Staff (Position supported by the Ministry of Immigration)
  • 2004-2005 Mr. Gidi Aharoni, RAFAEL (Researcher A Level)
  • 2000-2001 Mr. Jacopo Pasoti, Visiting Scientist, University of Torino. Italy
  • 1999-2001 Dr. Marcello Sternberg, (From 2011: Associate Prof., Faculty of Life Scienes, Tel-Aviv University)

PhD Completed Theses

  1. Goldshleger Naftali, 1997, “The Impact of Settlement Changes on the landscape of Mount Carmel” Current Position Researcher (with Tenure), Soil Erosion Research Station, Ministry of Agriculture
  2. Svoray Tal, 2001, “Estimating Areal Aboveground Biomass of herbaceous vegetation in a heterogeneous environment” Current Position Associate Prof. (with Tenure), Department of Geography, Ben-Gurion University
  3. Cohen Yafit, 2001, “ Knowledge-based crop recognition by data sources integration in a Mediterranean environment” Current Position Researcher A level (Associate Prof.) with Tenure, Department of Agricultural Engineering, Volcani Agricultural Research Center.
  4. Leonid Sokoletzki, 2002, “ In situ and remote sensing bio-optical methods for the estimation of phytoplankton concentration in the Gulf of Aqaba (Eilat) “ Current Position Researcher, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Exposure Research Laboratory.
  5. Topel Leah, 2004, “Road Extraction Based on Scale Space Representations “ Current Position Adjunct Lecturer, Faculty of Civil & Environmental Engineering
  6. Srebro Haim,2006, “ A Process Driven Boundary Making Model” Director General, Survey of Israel (Until May 2012)
  7. Almog Ophir, 2008, “Wavelet Decomposition for Reducing Flux Density Effect on Hyperspectral Classification” Current Position Principle Scientist, IDF Mapping Unit.
  8. Idan Porat, 2008, “Spatio-Temporal policentricity Analysis of re-urbanization: the case study of the built area in the City of Tel-Aviv” Post-Doc Position Department of Geography, Tel-Aviv University, with Prof. Portugali,
  9. Ronit Rud 2012 , “Indicative Pixels for improving the detection and Status assessment of Plants” Current position Researcher, Department of Agricultural Engineering, Volcani Agricultural Research Center.
  10. Gal Avraham , 2012, “ Arceological site investigation using Spatial Data Mining”
  11. Yael Etzion-Cohen 2012, “Remote Sensing of Airborne Particulate Matter in Near Ground Atmosphere by nigthtime hyperspectral imaging
  12. Nir-Goldenberg Sigal 2013, “Dynamic Allocation of Ecological Corridors”

PhD Theses in Progress

  1. Fadi Kizel (2008-2013) “Spatial – Spectral Unmixing” (Expected Submission: July 2013)
  2. Karnibad Lev (2006-2013) “Shrublands’ Biomass and their Image Texture”
  3. Shapira, Shay (2011-2015) “Mapping water Content in shrublands” (Passed Candidacy Exam, February, 2013)
  4. Spond, Hannan (2012-2016) “Reconstruction of Hyperspectral signatures from Shadow” (Passed Candidacy Exam January 2013)
  5. Chang, Jisung (Starting May 2013) Mapping Shrublands’ Biomass by Polarized Radar Imagery

MSc. & MA: Completed Theses

  1. Amotz Degani, 1992, “Shoreline changes near coastal structures in Netanya and Gaz”
  2. Wechsler Eran, 1994, “Remote Sensing of Urban Morphology”
  3. Kula Raviv, 1995, “Mineralogical & Lithological Mapping in Machtesh Ramon using the GER hyperspectral Dat”
  4. Guedalia, David , 1996, “The application of Neural Networks for mapping landscape changes from air-photographs”
  5. Svoray, Tal, 1996, (CUM Laude) “Mapping vegetation types by remote sensing and GIS technique”
  6. Haimi, Orly , 1998, “Monitoring Historical Coastline changes in Northern Israel”
  7. Shehadi, David, 1998, “A comparative study of vegetation indice”
  8. Mangal, Osnat, 2001, “Organizational aspects in developing Geographical Information System”
  9. Gurfinkel, Varda, 2001, “The Analysis of Repetitive Local Effects along the coastline of Israe”
  10. Feldberg Idan, 2001, (MSc. Computer Science) “Neural Networks for Change Detection”.”
  11. Zehavi Maya, 2002, “Mapping Agricultural Land uses with Satellite Remote Sensing”
  12. Cohen Oded, 2002, “A Study Vegetation Dynamics in the sand dunes area of Nizani”
  13. Rud Ronit, 2003, “Updating Agricultural GIS using remote sensing dat”
  14. Arnold Dani , 2003, “Photogrammetry of Sand Dune Dynamic”
  15. Peretz Eyal , 2003, “Data Mininig for target recognition”
  16. Cohen Tal, 2003, (SUM CUM Laude) “The Study of Patch Dynamics in Semi-Arid Site using Historical Air-Photographs”
  17. Cohen Avihu, 2003, (CUM Laude) “Corridors Definition using GIS”
  18. Avraham Gal, 2004, “Spectral – Spatial Change Detectio”
  19. Frish Shimeon, 2005, “Adaptive Unmixing for Roads Extraction from high resolution imagery”
  20. Even-Paz Asaf, 2005,“Clustering Dynamic Patterns using Data Mining Technique”
  21. Gold Sagi, 2005, “Asymmetry in linear feature Extractio”
  22. Karnibad Lev, 2006, “Modeling Urban Storm Runoff based on remote sensing mapping”
  23. Friedman Lior, 2007, “Using Shifting Means for classifying multi-spectral Images”
  24. Tarassov Victoria, 2008,“Classification of dynamic patch patterns based on the Spatial Dualit”
  25. Kizel Fadi , 2008, “Adaptive Unmixing”(CUM Laude)
  26. Funk Tal, 2008, “Knowledge Discovery in Dynamic Data
  27. Gahashan Faris, 2010, “Determining Forest Fire Hazard by Monte-Carlo Simulation”
  28. Agmon, Ori , 2013, “Change Detection by Unmixing”
  29. Weinberger Dov, 2013, “Implementation of Genetic algorithms in Image Segmentation”

Msc in Progress

  1. Ginzburg Vitaly, 2014, “Registration wavelets”